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One-on-One Coaching

There is no cookie cutter way to improve your performance. Lets find a customized path that works for you & your environment.

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Some Components of One on One Coaching with Dave Franco...

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Identify the specific obstacles that are holding you back from your best performances and keep you from enjoying the daily journey.


Build routines that increase efficiency, increase performance, and your peace of mind throughout your day.


Learn how to thrive in stressful environments and create effective/healthy ways to deal with your stress.


Build a bulletproof mindset that gives you an advantage over your competition.


Create a framework that allows you to stay in control throughout your busiest days.


Identify a customized path to overcome any performance or mindset issues that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself in business or sports.


In Person Customized One-on-One Coaching

-Nashville Area Only

-Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly

-In Your Place of Business or Mine (Franklin, TN)

-Customized to Your Needs

Virtual One-on-One Coaching

-Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly

-Over Zoom or Facetime

-Customized to Your Needs

24-48 Hour Intensive Mindset Shift Retreat

-One-on-One or small group that signs up together.

-For the busy business professional or elite athlete that knows they are aren't maximizing their potential.

-We cram six weeks of Peak Performance Training into 24-48 hours.

-Housing, food and tight schedule is provided to maximize impact


Reach out below for availability, pricing, and any other questions.

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