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Passion Led Us Here


Committed to helping you and your team develop a winning mindset that moves the needle.

While there are general truths that improve performance, we believe in a customized approach built specifically for each individual based on their current needs and environment. 

Elite athletes and business professionals know that actual performance ALWAYS trumps potential.

Frequently, even high performers, know they have more in the tank yet struggle to bridge the gap between ability/potential and results/performance. 

The problem is that many consultants present a cookie cutter approach that neglects the true needs of each individual.

Franco believes in the importance of customizing solutions for businesses and individuals based on their environment, their skill set, their current obstacles, and their desired outcome. 

Some of Franco's Journey So Far...

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NCAA Baseball Player

Played 4 years of college baseball at Miami University (Ohio, which is way better than that other school in Florida). The pic is me on the far right after a win at the 2005 Texas NCAA Regional.

peru soccer.jpg

2 Year Professional Soccer Journey (Jax, Miami, & Peru)

Spent 2 years pursuing a professional soccer career that didn't pan out but did land me on a semi-pro team in Jacksonville, the practice squad of Miami FC, and a one month tryout for Sport Boys (real name) in Peru. The picture to the left was taken moments before I pooped my shorts (true story, unfortunately).


Multiple Appearances on ESPN radio and other Shows/Podcasts

Over the years, I have been a guest on multiple ESPN radio shows, one of the nations highest rated sports radio shows-104.5 The Zone, the Mind Leads Performance Podcast, and others... Also made an appearance on the Australian Travel TV Show "Getaway" while in Greece with my wife.


Living in Costa Rica & Dominican Republic

After committing to a 6 week Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica, I quickly discovered how amazing the country is and ended up staying for over a year. To pay for my living and travel, I convinced the owner of an upscale boutique hotel to let me run a weekly high stakes poker game...

A few years later, with a wife this time, moved to the Dominican Republic for a year to teach baseball, explore, and help out with a business accelerator called Fourth Water.

MBA Team.jpg

Further Education (Spanish, MBA, MS Psych)

I attended the Costa Rican Language Academy where learned Spanish, before heading back to Miami University (OH) to earn my MBA while interning at Draper Triangle Venture Capital. The picture is me and my team after winning ..

Over 10 years later, against all odds, I completed my MS in Psychology.  

franco interviewing Zobrist.JPG

Building & Selling my Business

In 2010 I created Next Level Ballplayer, a content creation company that specialized in exclusive interviews. After eight years, I was approached by an interested buyer and ended up selling the business. It was hard to let go of something I had poured so much into over the years, but I was ready for a new adventure.

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Working With Elite Athletes & Elite Businesses

The Mindset Mastery Lab was able to put together a strategy and program that went above and beyond all this client’s needs. With measurable results that exceeded expectations, they are back on the success track.


Seattle Mariners Peak Performance

It should go without saying, but Targo is a well-known and widely respected client that The Mindset Mastery Lab is proud to have worked with. Full of creativity and originality, this was an inspirational collaboration.

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Public Speaking & 1 on 1 Coaching

This client had a specific topic in mind, and turned to The Mindset Mastery Lab for professional guidance. With an innovative and engaging approach, they took the idea and added a unique touch for an incredible outcome.


Business Consulting

The Mindset Mastery Lab was able to put together a strategy and program that went above and beyond all this client’s needs. With measurable results that exceeded expectations, they are back on the success track.

Featured Topics


Bridging the Gap Between Potential & Performance

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Stress Makes Us Stupid: Overcoming Work Stress

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Building a Winning Culture

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Creating a Bulletproof Mindset

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Building Unshakable Confidence

Identify and overcome the individual obstacles that are holding you back from your best performances and keep you from enjoying the daily journey.

Build routines that increase efficiency, increase performance, and your peace of mind throughout your day.

Learn how to thrive in a stressful work environment and create effective/healthy ways to deal with your stress.

Build a bulletproof mindset that will allow you to thrive in all envirnments.

Create a framework that allows you to stay in control throughout your busiest days.

Identify a customized path to overcome any performance or mindset issues that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself in business or sports.

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